The Bobo Man

Not the Bobo Man thankfully

I used to have a dog who was quite the handsome fellow. Some may say cute. I’m not so sure I would though. Every so often I’d look at him and catch him staring off somewhere, it was like his attention was focussed upon another plan of existence. Sometimes when I looked at his face, it seemed changed. He didn’t quite look like himself.Not to be to blunt but he looked quite monstrous.

His teeth a little long, his mouth open like he was tasting the air, trying to hone in on something. His eyes wide open, seeing everything. This wasn’t the dog that slept on the settee with me in the afternoon, or who danced joyfully in the rain when we would go out on walks. This is a creature that should be locked away, condemned to hell. Yet, when I called his name, he’d revert back to his usual happy face and ever-loving nature. Sometimes, when I saw him out of the corner of my eye, he wasn’t even a dog at all, he was something else altogether. I gave this monster a name, 

The Bobo Man

In the darkness an itch,

a scratch, nay a twitch.

Blood stops moving 

when he is near.


A sting in the air, 

a shiver, a shake.

A smell of something 

that should not be.


A tale told to children

to scare them to sleep,

when their children vanish,

parents can only weep.


Beware, beware The Bobo Man, 

the Lurker in the Shade.

Beware his teeth, beware his claws,

never look up his gaze.


If you see the Bobo Man or feel that he is near,

run away, run away, run away.


Close your windows.

Lock the doors.

Try to keep those you love

safe and secure.

And still…

The Boo Man will come for them,

when the time is right.

The Bobo Man will eat their soul,

then he’ll take their life.

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