The Mandalorian- Chapter 1

This is the show you’ve been looking for (assuming you like Star Wars in any shape or form).

It’s here and I watched it. Its ace and I loved it.

I’m not sure what more you need to know.

This is the best pilot of the year. Full stop. And not just because it is Star Wars. Let’s face it almost anything with the Star Wars branding on it nowadays is toxic. But, this isn’t that Star Wars because narratively it is tight and forward moving, without being bogged down in exposition and back story. It suffers none of the shite that everything you hate from the last trilogy and other nonsense stuff since Phantom Menace came out, in fact it’s a breath of fresh Hoth air. 

What else do you want to know? 

It has everything you want from Star Wars, the music is great, the visuals are great, the acting is good enough, Nick Nolte puts in a great cameo, the transitions between scenes are exactly as you want them to be.

Okay. A proper breakdown. Caution spoilers ahead, but not big ones you have to worry about. 

I like Pedro Pascal. I liked him in GoT and I liked him in Narcos and in most things he’s popped up in. You know what? It doesn’t matter if you like him, or even know him, or not.  He’s hidden beneath familiar armour and you don’t see his face. He walks badly in it, which I think its deliberate and have my theories why, but I don’t know for sure yet. However, he has enough presence in the armour and the few words he speaks to pull it off.  The opening bar scene is great fun, it sinks you right back into the universe, a used feeling universe which is familiar but uninviting. The Mandalorian is on the hunt and enters into the bar looking for his mark, a blue skinned alien who is about to have his tentacles harvested by some bad guys at a bar. He steps in, and causes a ruckus dispatching the bar bullies, including using one of those heavy blast doors to cut an assailant in half. It was one of those moments I didnt know I had been waiting to see, but I had. Don’t worry though, it is Disney so it’s safe for little ones. Or at least as safe as anything else that has come before in the Star Wars universe.

Carbonite freezing is now the go to for bounty hunters apparently and The Mandalorian adds blue skinned guy to his others, of which there are a fair few. It feels like when I used to go and do a whole bunch of quests in a new area of World of Warcraft and the came back to the same quest giver and hand them all in at once for a big XP bump.  Here we meet Apollo Creed, sorry Carl Weathers, who is now handing out, and paying out on bounties to the bounty hunters guild members. 

Unfortunately, once he’s paid out the Mando, he doesn’t have anything much for him, times are hard since the fall of the Empire. Fortunately, he does have an ‘off book’ affair and sends him off to some evil Empire remnants who want a ‘package’ delivered dead or alive, but preferably alive. At this point I was thinking, ‘oh a child, it is Disney’. Was I right? Read on.

So off Boba The Mandalorian takes the bounty and meets Nick Nolte who has mutated due to his drink and drugs issues I assume, into a type of Ugnaught, who teaches him to ride the Star Wars equivalent of my fat faced dog because he is helping him find and take his bounty as he is fed up of them bringing chaos to his neighbourhood. 

Anywho, Mando makes for the targets camp and is formulating his plan when an IG-88 style assassin droid, named IG-11 who is also a member of the guild of bounty hunters and is determined that initially at least, the package is his target.

And I’m leaving it there. As for is the package a child? Yes and no. But a very cool yes and no and hopefully you’ll be as happy and surprised at it as I was. I was really happy. Really happy indeed and better still, pleasantly surprised. 

Watch The Mandalorian if you can. You want to get in on this early if you can  because spoilers will be everywhere soon enough and I’m thinking this show might have a few doozies for us on the way. 

Final Thoughts:


End credit images are beautiful (prints please!)

Space toilets

This is Sparta?

‘I have spoken!’

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