The Blob

Art by the wonderful Jemma Klein who you can find here

So whilst doing my MA I wrote a portfolio of poems about classic movie monsters, but with that extra something as well. I’ll going to share some of them with you, as it’s approaching Halloween. This one is a written as a villanelle, but you’ll have to excuse the horrific formatting, I’m still working on that! Without further ado, I give you….

The Blob

I consume all, regardless,

I don’t have a mouth, I envelop.

Human or other, I couldn’t care less.

I roll on my way relentless,

I don’t know where I’m going or why.

I consume all, regardless.

I exist to grow, multiply and thrive.

I’m happy to grow and metastasise,

biological or other, I couldn’t care less,

they are all just nutrients I ingest.

They try to kill me with radiation and drugs

but I consume all regardless.

I don’t have feelings of loss or distress,

I just consume and grow bigger,

human or other I couldn’t care less.

Made small again, nothing to ingest.

Fed tiny bits, to keep me alive 

human or other, I couldn’t care less,

I consume all, regardless,

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