SEE: Pilot review

An Apple Original. Well that’s a new thing to see at the front of a TV show. Good for them. I’ve been looking forward to both See and The Morning Show, which I will review later this week.

The premise of See is a simple one, a good old virus wiped out all but about two million of the world’s population. Those that did survive, went blind. It’s now a few hundred years past this point and even the idea of sight is heresy and speaking of it can get you in bother. We learn all of this in the first couple of minutes so I’m not giving the game away here. 

Now then. The premise is reasonable and interesting at least, but the story isn’t without plot holes that frustrated me at times. Let’s get into it. 

There’s a tribe, the Alkanay, who have lived up in a particular ridge for many, many years, hidden away from the world.  A pregnant woman appears and is allowed to stay. She takes up with the infertile warrior chief Baba Voss played by Jason Momoa, who is not playing against type here. I do feel a little bad for him as  I’m sure he’s capable of doing a bit more than just using his presence and size. I’d like to see him as a brutal murderous serial killer who is as smart is he is physical. Cast a nerdy type as the detective trying to track him down and stop him, that’s a film I’d be interested in seeing Momoa in. 

 However, I digress.

The babies are born, this is where the show starts, but there’s a chap in the village who had decided to betray them all because he thinks the woman has lain with a heretic or something. He’s right, she did. A heretic who could see, but he doesn’t know that and summons the Witchfinder General mainly because of reasons of spite and plot. The Witchfinder attacks the village and is thwarted initially, due to some clever combat and tactics from Baba Voss, but they are forced to retreat and blow their super defence to buy themselves sometime to escape for a ridge that has no other ways down. Yet suddenly, a surprise bridge is found that was supposedly built by the babies’ real father, which provides them with a convenient escape route when the Witchfinder General makes his move to assault the camp.

So, the Alkenny manage to get away and the father of the children has left them a trail to follow so they can set up a new village in a place where they will all be safe, especially his sighted children. 

Off in a citadel somewhere, there is Queen Kane (Sylvia Hoeks). The citadel may or may not be an old hydroelectric plant by the look of it. She has a working record player, which for reasons I can’t explain, I found odd. She is worried that God is abandoning them and it all somehow related to the twins that the village lady has given birth to and their father, Jerlahmarel. Ty saying that 5 times quickly after a few drinks. She prays to her God, who is abandoning her and her people, and receives guidance whilst achieving climax.

Insert your ‘Oh God’ jokes here please.

This side of the show is all a bit odd. We probably didn’t ned it all in the first episode to be honest, the Alkenny would have been more than enough.

The idea of a civilisation without sight is genuinely interesting and for the most part, well realised. Writing is a form of 3D braille, knots on a string, string and rope is used to outline familiar places to expedite movement etc. The combat and movement is well thought out but I’m not so sure about the super powered hearing and that can identify how many heartbeats there are 200 meters away and over mystics with almost magic powers of sensory development.

There is a requirement to suspend belief somewhat, because if you don’t, you end up asking ‘how do they make clothes that look fairly nice?’ and ‘how do they do make up?’ and a hundred other ‘spoilsport’ questions. However, If you can look the other way (did you See what I did there? And there again, I’m hilarious) I think it has potential to be a decent show, but don’t be thinking it’s going to be another Game of Thrones. A quick check on IMDB says its already got a season two in the wings, but that could change depending on how well received See is.

This first episode has been a better than average pilot, even if it was heavy going due to the amount of back story and exposition that was squished into the episode. The word from other reviews that I’ve read is that come episode three, the show steps up somewhat. I hope so. I’ll see when I get there. 

Final random thoughts:

Day of The Triffids

Momoa fighting like a silverback

The Alkenny’s version of the Haka

Stupid betrayer

Great big machine cogs 

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