Induction/ Indoctrination

I doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I wrote this sitting in KFC one afternoon. The whole training and doing staff reviews, interviews, appraisals, in front of the public gets right on my nerves, but also I find it fascinating eavesdropping on other peoples lives.

Induction/ Indoctrination

Sat in KFC on me Jack Jones,

eating my Zinger Tower. 

I’m full of self-loathing and

listening to a branded KFC employee, 

teach new newly hatched KFC chicklets

how to be KFC.

Watching their little donut eyes glaze over,

whilst giving attentive little clucks,

scrambling for a grain of 100% GM KFC praise,

even so they aren’t paying that much attention,

thinking about last night’s DM’s on IG or FB.

The main man from KFC with his 

coercive Scouse lilt and LFC tattoo

shows yet another educational vid.

You can see he’s bored out of his box,

 wondering WTF he’s really

doing with his life.

When the mini film finishes

 he asks questions that KS 3 kids could answer,

yet still has to work to get answers from his clutch. 

I keep looking at them, watching,

 but the KFC kingpin has started to notice me, 

so I sit and I pretend IDGAF 

About the KFC induction/indoctrination, 

and look off into space,

but really,

I do,

I’m nosey AF.

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